SYCA team at COP22: Lastrina

Hi everyone! You may have followed our #COP22 updates on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a little insight on SYCA’s team at COP22, and why we are here attending the UN climate talks at Marrakech!

First up – SYCA’s co-founder, Lastrina.


Lastrina co-founded two interest groups, Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA) and #LepakInSG. SYCA focuses on a structured learning and leadership programme to groom climate leaders, whilst #LepakInSG focuses on listing environmental events in Singapore on a one-stop calendar, and organising gatherings for people to hang out and learn about sustainability-related issues. The common goal for both groups is to build the climate movement in Singapore.

Lastrina has been volunteering and interning in the Singapore environment scene since 2010. She has mostly taken up the role of a  community organiser in which she organises events, recruit volunteers, form strategic partnerships with various stakeholders and give public presentations. She was also the Chair for Singapore Power Shift 2014 and ASEAN Power Shift 2015.

In 2014, Lastrina had the opportunity to attend COP20 in Peru. Her interest in the COP process led to expanded understanding on the international climate change policy framework, and passion to communicate this to the general public in Singapore. Beyond COP, Lastrina believes in the importance of having a community that actively engages each other in building a movement to create a more sustainable Singapore.

In 2015, Lastrina contacted Cuifen on the opportunity to attend COP21 in Paris, with a desire to create a network of youths interested in taking action on climate change. Discussions led to the co-founding of SYCA 🙂

Lastrina’s focus at COP22:

Lastrina wants to grow SYCA, and learn from and network with other NGOs and INGOs. She created a list of youths from Asian countries attending COP22, and has taken a leadership role in creating gatherings and online platforms for interested individuals to connect.


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