SYCA’s team to COP22: Cuifen

Hi everyone! You may have followed our #COP22 updates on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a little insight on SYCA’s team at COP22, and why we are here attending the UN climate talks at Marrakech!

Meet our second COP22 team member – SYCA’s co-founder, Cuifen


Cuifen wanted to attend UNFCCC COP for some time, and jumped at the opportunity to attend UNFCCC COP21 when Lastrina said there was a possibility to do so. Cuifen was interested in COP21 as she had just completed a survey of what Singapore youths think of climate change as Policy Delegate in ASEAN Power Shift 2015, and was wondering what would be the best way to communicate this to policy makers.

With this COP21 opportunity came the opportunity to create a network for youths who aspire to do more for local climate action. SYCA was founded as a platform to connect interested youths to co-create climate action projects that would create positive impact on our environment and community.

Post-COP21, SYCA co-founders created a learning & leadership program, which brought together various individuals and organisations interested to up-skill interested youth on relevant areas for climate action in Singapore, and leadership skills. With Cuifen’s background on life coaching, one-to-one coaching was provided to LLP Aspirants who wanted to do more within a 3-month period.

Besides SYCA, Cuifen co-founded Foodscape Collective, and started Pavilion’s edible garden. Her day job is as a senior environmental scientist with DHI, a not-for-profit on water environments. The common theme underlying these is a passion to advocate for and make a positive impact on sustainability, nature and people.

Cuifen’s Focus for COP22:
Cuifen wants to explore how SYCA can position itself to communicate accurately Singapore’s negotiating position to the person in the street. She hopes to follow CMA1 track, with focus on adaptation (climate resilience) and mitigation. She also hopes to re-open the open and safe dialogue opportunities with Singapore negotators.

Cuifen presented on behalf of UNEP-DHI, on CTCN technology transfer for improved natural resource management in Africa (COP22 side event on 11 Nov 12nn to 1.30pm, at African Pavilion Salle 2). She hopes to attend side events with focus on environment, food resilience, vulnerable communities

Cuifen hopes to connect with individuals / organisations taking climate action in these areas. She looks forward to capturing #PeopleofCOP22 stories by camera / video / short articles.


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