SYCA’s team to COP22: Madhu

Hi everyone! You may have followed our #COP22 updates on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a little insight on SYCA’s team at COP22, and why we are here attending the UN climate talks at Marrakech!

Meet our third COP22 team member – Madhu


Madhu is a futurist at Forum for the Future, an environmental and social sustainability non-profit organisation. While predicting the future is simply an impossible role, Madhu’s role is to understand how the world is changing, imagine what our future world might look like and learn what we as a society need to do to push for a more sustainable world. She occasionally writes and makes sense of the future at The Futures Centre. She also supports research and advisory work in Southeast Asia, working on projects with businesses to solve complex sustainability issues, build capacity and engage in meaningful cross-sector collaborations.

With regards to the climate and our environmental well-being, there is much to do and there is little time. Madhu strongly believes that COP22 will be crucial in galvanizing climate action in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia and in creating momentum after the ambitious targets set in COP21. She is also curious to learn about different perspectives and engage in new dialogues to better understand how youth can play an integral part in shaping the world we will grow old in. Beyond sustainability and international relations, she is passionate about international development, biodiversity and dinosaurs.

Madhu was one of our trainer’s for SYCA’s Learning and Leadership Program 2015.

Madhu’s Focus at COP22:

  • Understanding the role of Southeast Asian businesses in climate action and leadership
  • Communicating the sheer sense of scale needed and the urgency of the timescale in the conference
  • Sharing learnings from COP to inspire and mobilise the Singaporean and larger ASEAN community.

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