SYCA’s team to COP22: Theresa

Hi everyone! You may have followed our #COP22 updates on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a little insight on SYCA’s team at COP22, and why we are here attending the UN climate talks at Marrakech!

Meet our fourth COP22 team member – Theresa


Theresa Wong is a geographer with a background in the political economy of development and environment in Southeast Asia. She holds a doctorate in Geography from The Ohio State University, with research and consulting experience in a variety of environmental issues in Southeast Asia, including hydropower development, community and indigenous forestry, and transboundary haze. Her publications include more than a dozen articles in books and journals, as well as Over Singapore: 50 Years Ago (2007, Editions Didier Millet, with Brenda Yeoh).

Returning to the region after a decade abroad studying and lecturing, she has since worked for UNDP as a climate change adaptation specialist and is currently an independent researcher. She is particularly interested in highlighting the need for a critical understanding of long-standing environmental conflicts in the implementation of climate change policies at different scales.

By joining the SYCA COP team, Theresa hopes to better understand how policy frameworks, processes of negotiation, and coalitions between state and civil society actors play a role in shaping policies and commitments, and work with the team to share this with the general public and future leaders in climate action in Singapore.

Theresa’s Focus for COP22:

  • climate finance, especially on Green Climate Fund progress and engagement of private finance;
  • adaptation financing;
  • REDD and forestry-related issues.

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