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Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA) is a community of young Singapore residents who come together with a common goal: to take climate action. We want to plant seeds amongst passionate young leaders, turn snowballs into avalanches, and mobilise the most powerful force yet in the global climate movement.

SYCA was started by a group of young Singaporeans who are already active on the local environmental scene. The seeds of the idea first came about in mid 2015, with the support of Avelife Foundation. Advocacy efforts on climate action are few and far between in Singapore, and we seek to transform this landscape by providing a platform for advocates to stand forward as mentors, provide resources, learn and network with like-mind individuals.




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  1. Dear Lastrina,
    I’m Mariette Ong, a teacher from School of the Arts, Singapore.

    I was introduced to your advocacy works through Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA) by Ria Tan, and both of us think that you’ll be a very suitable person to speak to our event participants (youths of Singapore).

    On behalf of SOTA, I would like to invite you to SOTA with share and to inspire the event participants of SOTA-Gotong Royong VII how they, the Singapore youths, can do their part for Singapore.

    At SOTA, we believe in “think globally, act locally”. All year 3 to 6 students are involved in service learning programme, and from 2017 onwards, the SOTA Community Service Faculty aims to guide all students involved to address at least one of the 17 SDG as they plan & carry out their service learning project.

    For this year, the focus of Gotong Royong is to introduce to the event participants the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how everyone could see themselves as part of a global citizen who has a role to play to contribute to a better living experience. It is hoped that by the end of this Gotong Royong, all participants (ages 15 – 17) will have a better idea of what the 17 UN SDGs are, and how they can adopt and practice at least one of the 17 SDGs next year & beyond.

    The focus of your presentation could be about, (but not limited to), (1) the vision, role & function of SYCA, (2) what SYCA/yourself has done to flght for climate change, (3) know the current needs of Singapore, and (4) how our youths & future leaders of Singapore can take active actions to volunteer or initiate advocacy projects / programme to address these needs. You can also use the opportunity to share with them the your life story on how & why you are doing what you’re doing 🙂 I believe that they will be very inspired by your story 🙂

    Details of the event is as follows:
    (1) Date: 20 Oct 2016 (Thur)
    (2) Time: 1 – 2pm (Keynote Address – you’ll be speaking at about 1.15 – 1.45pm, inclusive of Q&A)
    (3) Venue: MPH @ School of the Arts, Singapore, Level 6
    Estimated number of students: 400 (SOTA year 3 & 4 students + students from other invited schools)

    If it’s possible for you, we would also like to invite you to be one of the speakers at Breakout session where you can further dwell into how our youths can fight climate change (#13 of UN SDG), why & how each and everyone of us is part of the equation in this whole ecosystem & how everyone can play their part to protect them. If there are plans end of this year, and next year where volunteers are needed at the various programme/event you’ll be organising, you can also use this time to “advertise” and encourage them to sign up with you so that they can also learn and take actions on what they’ve heard.

    Details of the “Breakout session” is as follows:
    Breakout Session: 2.15 – 3pm
    (if you need more than 45 mins, we can arrange for 2.15 – 4pm for your session – this will allow more dialogues, discussions, & making action-able plans to be carried out after Gotong Royong)
    Venue: classroom or equivalent
    Estimated number of students; 50
    (During the breakout session, there will be other teams sharing their projects, hence the reduction in numbers.)

    The organising committee and I really hope that you can take some time off your busy schedule to accept this invitation.

    I can be contacted via email (mariette.ong@sota.edu.sg), or my mobile number 97414464 for any further discussions and clarifications.

    I look forward to a favourable reply from you 🙂

    Best regards,
    Mariette Ong


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