COP23 – Thoughts #1

On our way to Bonn, we had a chance meeting with Winston Lackin from Suriname. Winston Lackin, who speaks in this video, shared that he was formerly the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname. He is currently the Representative of the President, and is travelling with staff from the Environment department, which reports to the … Continue reading COP23 – Thoughts #1


Cuifen’s reflections on attending COP

Cuifen is a founding member of Singapore Youth for Climate Action. She attended her first COP in 2015. 2015 was the first time I got to attend COP (commonly used acronym for UN Climate Change Conferences). Before that, I had been following news of Singapore youths attending COP. 2015 was different, as for the first time, … Continue reading Cuifen’s reflections on attending COP

UN Climate Change Conference COP23

The UN Climate Change Conference brings together representatives of countries that have signed and ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The 2017 Climate Change Conference is held in Bonn, and the conference has been held annually for 23 years, hence the acronym COP23. The annual conference is the decision making body of the UNFCCC. Besides the … Continue reading UN Climate Change Conference COP23

SYCA team at COP22: Lastrina

Hi everyone! You may have followed our #COP22 updates on Facebook and Twitter. Here's a little insight on SYCA's team at COP22, and why we are here attending the UN climate talks at Marrakech! First up - SYCA's co-founder, Lastrina. Lastrina co-founded two interest groups, Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA) and #LepakInSG. SYCA focuses on a … Continue reading SYCA team at COP22: Lastrina