Our Focus

SYCA focuses on:

Creating a platform for Singapore residents, particularly youths, to:

  • Step forward, connect and take climate action together
  • Clarify what climate action is, and how it is relevant for us in the Singapore context
  • Engage decision makers and climate negotiators in meaningful dialogue that can influence policy decisions

Our activities focus on:

  • Creating a localised learning and leadership program (LLP) on climate action
  • Empowering selected individuals to represent SYCA in giving talks, etc
  • Selecting individuals to represent SYCA and Singapore at the global stage, at international conferences, e.g. UN climate change conferences


More information on SYCA’s learning and leadership program below.

Why are we creating this program?

We sense that many people in Singapore are aware of and keen to be part of grassroots movements, but are not adequately-equipped to step out of their comfort zone – simply because they haven’t had the privilege to meet like-minded people and learn the necessary skills. A few of SYCA’s founders have – at some points in our journey – started and led initiatives of our own, failed, learnt from our mistakes and tried again. We’ve picked up a few skills and knowledge along the way, and want to share them, with the help of our friends, to anyone interested to learn!

Our objectives

Similar to start-up ‘incubators’, this is an accelerated programme which aims to transform average joes into climate heroes. Over a 3-month period, our ‘aspirants’ will be brought up to speed on a variety of climate change-related issues related to Singapore, and the skills you need to start, or join, new movements.

We want to create a model that offers a reliable pathway for individuals to become leaders of climate movements, by giving them the knowledge and skills needed to shift from merely being aware and participatory, to being committed, responsible, creative and self-aware leaders for climate action.

Who are we looking for?

Anyone and everyone! We are keen to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about climate change and environmental issues. What we look for is commitment. Age, education and work experience is secondary. It does not matter if you are not sure which climate change-related cause you want to champion. Along the way, we guarantee that you’ll meet plenty of like-minded individuals, and more importantly, be spurred into action

What do we cover in the program?

There are 2 concurrent streams to the programme:

    Topics – We’ve selected 6 of (what we believe to be) the most relevant climate change-related topics in Singapore. The aim is not for us to become experts in all 6 topics at the end of the programme, but to have a good understanding of the challenges that need fixing here, and how

    Skills – Whether you want to start a campaign to reduce plastic bags, or a project to protect pangolins, the skillsets you might require are similar. We’ll cover the most important soft and hard skills – from how to facilitate programs, to how to network, to what free tools are out there to raise the profile of your movements and connect your budding communities.

Our program is focused on Singapore, but there will be opportunities for webinars with our counterparts in other countries, some of which are already feeling the direct impact of climate change.